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Message From the Owner

Dear customers and community  members,               2/17/10


Sunny Vibrations has been in business for 2 months, even though I have been planning and preparing for 2 years.  I felt compelled to write this letter and post it on the truck and website because I feel so blessed at the level of support we (because now it is bigger than me) have been receiving. 

It touches my heart to have people walk up to the truck every day and tell me how great it is we are here.  To the regulars and customers, thank you for helping us keep this ‘boat’ afloat.  What a blessing to have great reviews and all the positive responses only confirms for me that people get it!   My vision is very clear around food and community, as I have first transformed my own life by choosing a healthier diet.

My genuine heart desire is to serve the highest quality, most delicious food at reasonable prices – food that satisfy taste buds, gives people energy, and will provide our bodies with vital nutrients. 

Even though I am reducing my profit margin, it feels great to know that I am feeding food to people as if they were my brother or sister and you all are!  With all sincerity I LOVE YOU SAN FRANCISCO, and thank you for your continued support.  All the kinds words and support you bring and beautiful loving vibrations are important with all the challenges we have already faced and continue to face.  Keeps those Sunny Vibrations coming

It is import to acknowledge the so many people who have given us ideas that we will soon be implementing, as well as the people who have provided work-exchange.   We will have a community message board soon, and are here to support you on your quest for incorporating healthier food choices.  It truly is an honor to serve the people of San Francisco.




Craig Gold,

Owner and Founder of Sunny 
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