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    Press Releases/Reviews
  • Press Releases/Reviews

    Press Releases -- click yellow links to be taken to that link in another tab 

    SF Weekly…from December 2009   New Vegan Food Truck Sunny Vibrations Brightens Dolores Park Corner

    San Francisco Sentinel... from Oct. 2009 Healthy Vegan Taco Truck Now serving San Francisans

    Various Reviews on Yelp -- click to read full reviews
    on 5/12/10 Suzanne O. writes:  "owners' vision is truly inspiring"... "food was  ridiculously delicious... it was scrumptious, filling...." ... "As an omnivore, I didn't experience a desire to have a bite of meat afterwards; a truly satisfying vegetarian.. Vegan meal!".."My friend and I are both very impressed with Sunny Vibrations" 

    on 5/8/10 Benjamin W. writes:  "my bad ass vegan sausage had an incredible  amount of variety of great foods prepared with lots of care".. "I was psyched to find him once at the beach and now in front of our house.. I wish he was outside my house everyday"

    on 2/12/10 Butch B. writes:  "This has got to be the best danm food truck ever"... "the vegan stirfry taco was filling and tasty with the mango salsa, one is definately enough -- i also tasted the kale chips..I don't like it in its raw form, but dehydrated with some seasoning, it was delicious"... "5 star rating"

    on 1/06/10 one yelper took many pictures and reviewed a few of our items

    Craigslist review
    5/12-5/26    A Very happy customer -- Vegan Food Truck...    Amazing Food, Cool Smoothies (mission district)

    Vegansaurus   From  December 21 2009 opening day   great detailed review

    Even the French are giving us good reviews, saying our veggie stir fry was the best lunch/snack ever LJ SnackPack said on Feb 16th 2010 at 4:59pm  "best lunch is Sunny Vibrations truck at Dolores Park"

    click to see a picture a customer took at night and put it on their flickr…

    click to see more 'Sunny' pictures taken by customers…  

    Local Outreach

    In October 2009, when asked to support a local community garden, we worked with local SFSU volunteers to prepare delicious wholesome food for the community, building community through food and togetherness -- this garden has been transformed fromabandoned  landfill lot edibile fruit and vegetable producing garden --

    click to see photo Album of Latona Community Garden Event -- great pictures of community coming together around this once trash laddened abandoned lot that the people converted into a community garden

    Sunny Vibrations embraces every opportunity to provide fresh garden produce to the people that appreciate it most in forms and in combinations perhaps not previously imagined..or as we like to say think outside the Taco!

    We provide a vital link for youth to get excited about eating delicious healthy foods, and for us late bloomers to learn just how delicious and fun it is to eat healthy.

    We fill a missing link to community gardens and delicious wholesome food --  click to read our proposal to Phil Ginsberg,
    General Manager of the San Francisco Parks Department to start a community garden and then use that produce to provide smoothies from that garden to the volunteers that make it possible - then to grow this into a larger scale community outreach around healthy and sustainable foods  -- COMING SOON

    consider having us at your community garden event for a volunteer appreciation party --
    consider having us at your community garden event for a volunteer appreciation party --

     we have reduced rates and can even do it for 'free' if the terms are right for us -- click for generation information about our catering 

    click here to send an email and tell us more about your event

    One of our missions is to educate the public on just how easy it is to prepare delicous healthy meals thorugh our catering and cooking demonstrations - coming soon

































































    1.   Bayview Celebrates the Latona Community Garden : EcoLocalizer

    Nov 18, 2009 ... Just behind our neighbors Dexter, Vernon and Frenchie, you can see the new solar panels on top of the Sunny Vibrations food wagon. ...
    ecolocalizer.com/.../bayview-celebrates-the-latona-community-garden/ - Cached - Similar

    Here are some pictures below.. click the link above to see more pictures.....


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